Bolin Bolon Smart Board

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Open your arms, open your legs and train your body balance with the smart board.

Swinging is a continuous and dynamic process. Maintaining balance during swinging can give more stimulation to the sense of balance, sensory organs and motor nerves, and improve the sense of balance and flexibility of the body.

2-4 years old is a critical period for balance development. Children standing, sitting, lying, walking, running and jumping are closely related to the development of balance.

Guide children to use more posture to feel balance and promote the overall development of the senses.

Play with your imagination. Smart board is not just a board.
The board can be used as a slide, seesaw, small table or chair, bridge, rocker, or add cars and road track and make it a race track;

  • 11 layer of eucalyptus wood, 11 layers of strong support.
  • PU environmental protection paint can effectively block wood thorns, safe and odourless, and 100% friendly to our children.
  • The paint has passed the heavy metal test and complies with both EU & AU standards.
  • Delicate felt better protection for the floor.
  • No sharp corners. The edges and corners of the smart board are polished by hand.